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We have a raft of new Tile shapes in development, and we would love to hear from you if you want something bespoke e.g. company logos etc. Please do get in touch to discuss your ideas or just send us some drawings.

TileAcoustics are also incredibly easy to install. Each Tile comes supplied with a hook & loop adhesive fixing (and fitting template) so you or your installation team will have them up in no time – no drilling, no dust, no fuss!

You will also be pleasantly surprised at the cost too. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you transform the acoustics in your spaces.

Stuart, CEO

Launched in September 2017, TileAcoustics is a new range of acoustic tiles exclusively by AgileAcoustics.

The idea started out as a way to re-use the off-cuts from our AgileAcoustics bespoke acoustic panel range. And because our Tiles are so unique, in November 2017 they were shortlisted in the ‘Best Surface’ category at the Mixology North 2017 Awards.

When we looked at what was available on the market we quickly discovered there wasn’t a 3D-style, pop-out tile out there. And keen to design a system that would make tiles protrude off-the-wall and ceiling (because it helps with acoustic performance) we quickly came up with our unique ‘pop-out shapes within shapes’ concept.

Because of this, each Tile has several configurations so you can create the exact look you want, or make it up as you go along (we’ve also registered and protected our Tile designs at the Intellectual Property Office).