Great Sound’s Always on the Menu When You Choose TileAcoustics

If there’s one thing we get asked a lot here at TileAcoustics, it’s this: ‘how do I reduce the noise levels in my restaurant or cafe?’ In fact, if we had a pound for every time someone asked that…

Don’t believe noise levels are such a topic of annoyance in restaurants? You only need to browse through TripAdvisor’s dining reviews to see that it’s a huge bugbear amongst people who regularly eat out. But don’t just take our word for it; Action on Hearing Loss has released a report called ‘Speak Easy’, which highlights such issues relating to enjoying a meal – or trying to – in your favourite restaurant.

“Dining out should be one of life’s great pleasures…” starts the report. But what happens when your meal out leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth?

Buon Apps TileAcoustics Install, Otley

Buon Apps TileAcoustics Install, Otley

According to the report, over 90% of respondents said they would not return to a venue ‘where the sheer level of noise sucks all the joy out of the experience’. Working closely with the hospitality industry, Action on Hearing Loss’s report and resulting campaign is aiming to make restaurants, cafes and pubs more inviting in terms of their noise levels.

Of course, the report hit a nerve with millions of people in the UK – and it continues to receive column inches in the press. You can even get involved with the campaign, if you like, by sharing your views about a restaurant in your area – and the way it is tackling noise levels.

So, what is the TileAcoustics team doing to solve the problem? Our acoustic tile solutions can be incorporated into any environment – not just in the restaurant sector. They work by absorbing excess sound and ensuring a more pleasant experience for your customers – and they blend effortlessly with any décor. Available as tiles, screens, bespoke artwork or unique light shades, our tiles have been used to great effect in a host of household-name businesses.

Julio's TileAcoustics Install, Halifax

Julio's TileAcoustics Install, Halifax

Now, you can discover how our tiles will work for your firm. If you’re planning on heading along to the Restaurant & Bar Design Show – the partner exhibition to Hotel & Spa Design, at ExCeL London – make sure you head to our panel session on Wednesday, September 26. Our founder and CEO, Stuart, is looking forward to being part of the ‘Serving up an improved customer experience’ panel – and he’ll be dishing up some top tips to anyone who attends.

You can also find us at stand #3246, where we’ll be demonstrating our acoustic solutions to those who pass by. Plus, don’t forget to check out the rest of the show, for plenty of unique design tips for a host of spaces. 

Have you got something to say about the noise levels in your local restaurant, pub or cafe? Let us know by commenting on this blog. Alternatively, if you’re a business seeking a clever, noise-absorbing solution, get in touch with our team.