A ‘Apps’-olutely Fantastic Acoustic Solution for an Otley Restaurant

Noise and reverberation in restaurants can be a huge problem, forcing diners to complain – or worse still, leave early. But thanks to our innovative acoustic solutions, it doesn’t have to be an issue! Recently, we showed a Yorkshire restaurant just how noise levels can be reduced while still retaining the ambience of a venue.



Buon Apps – an Italian restaurant in Otley, Leeds – was experiencing issues with sound quality in its popular premises. Owned by Alessandro Tocca, the venue is part of a converted mill complex on the bank of the River Wharfe.

Honing his trade in the family restaurant in Rome, Alessandro has worked hard to bring fine Italian cuisine and his passion for people to Leeds. But one thing was letting him – and his restaurant – down: its sound quality.


With a different setting and aesthetic considerations to other restaurants we’ve worked on, Buon Apps was crying out for an acoustic solution which offered practicality as well as style. Utilising specially-made  Parallelogram tiles, our cleverly thought-out two-stage process included the concept and full install.

For Alessandro, the aesthetic quality of our tiles was as important as their noise reduction qualities – and since he is someone who is focused on delivering exceptional customer service, we understood that our designs needed to perfectly complement the restaurant’s high-end design, delicious food and extremely friendly staff.

The concept stage saw us present our ideas to Alessandro. Of course, he was extremely happy with the solution we proposed, which meant we could then go ahead and provide the install.


In phase one of our project, we installed 20 of our specially-designed Parallelogram tiles, with a further 16 being introduced to the restaurant during phase two. As opposed to our standard 30mm-thick tiles, the Parallelograms were 50-mm thick. This ensures the tiles provide extra absorption, while meeting Alessandro’s aesthetic requests.

The end result was practical and stylish – and we were praised by Alessandro and the team for a job excellently done. Allesandro was thrilled with the transformation of his restaurant, saying of our work: “I care passionately about every aspect of my customers’ dining experience and was delighted that AgileAcoustics helped me to improve this. The tiles look fantastic and really complement the style of the restaurant. It’s a pleasure to be stopped by customers and told how much they have enjoyed dining with us now that the ambience is just right.”


Buon Apps isn’t the only restaurant we’ve transformed; we’ve worked fairly extensively in the hospitality industry, on projects in Yorkshire and beyond.

Echo and reverberation due to the design and furnishings off a restaurant are big issues, with a 2016 Speak Easy Report by Action on Hearing Loss stating that nearly 80% of people have left a venue early due to the noise.

Thankfully, our practical solutions can and have been incorporated into venues in a seamless and aesthetically-pleasing way, with Otley-based Buon Apps being just one of many restaurants who’ve benefited from our designs and service.

Have an idea in mind for your restaurant, café or hotel? Our bespoke installations really will meet your needs when it comes to practicality and design. We design, manufacture and install tiles in the shape, size, colour and configuration to enhance your décor/space. We’re passionate about improving the noise levels in your business; why not get in touch with our team to see how we can help?