Most School Dining Halls are very noisy places! This is because there are lots of hard, wipe-clean surfaces, a lack of carpets and lots of people in a relatively small space.

In January 2018 Fulneck School in Leeds commissioned AgileAcoustics to make the Dining Hall a more pleasant place to be at lunchtime – we needed to improve the reduce reverberation time. Their timing was excellent though as we had just developed our TileAcoustics Ceiling Tile range.


Having carried out a site survey the ceiling was the obvious surface to work with as this would provide the largest area to spread the Class A absorber TileAcoustics Tiles across, and make the install very quick and dust-free.

A week after agreeing the colour scheme, in-keeping with the Schools identity, we were on site installing the 96 Tiles, which took just over 2 hours.

We also had Graham Hornby of mza acoustics on site with us doing before and after reverberation tests. Before reverb time was 1.9 seconds, after 0.8 seconds, that’s a 57% improvement (recommendations for a refurbished space is 1.5 seconds and for a new build is 1 second). So an ‘after’ result of 0.8 seconds was huge, as you can imagine, the client was doing backflips!

Julie, the School Bursar said, “The project has been a fantastic success and has been very much appreciated by the staff and pupils alike. It is interesting that some thought the tiles were there just for aesthetic purposes!  There is a noticeable oasis of calm whilst the junior school pupils are having lunch and conversations can be held around the table not just with the person sitting next to you. For me, the difference has been tremendous and I totally underestimated what we were buying in to.”

AgileAcoustics only launched TileAcoustics in September 2017 and already they are attracting interest from education, workplace and hospitality clients, for both wall and ceiling applications.

Thanks for reading, if you would like to find out we can help improve the acoustics of your spaces please do get in touch.

[Tile installed, Square TileAcoustics, Reg. Design # 6021194]