Tileacoustics on the slab!

We have just carried out a TileAcoustics Ceiling installation onto the boardroom slab ceiling for a Harrogate-based client.

The best part is that we didn’t need to drill into the slab and create lots of noise and dust – as an acoustic panel manufacturer, the last thing we want to do is arrive on site and create lots of noise!

Moda are very pleased with both the acoustic improvement and the finished look, they commented that having researched the marketplace, they found our Tiles to be very unique and the perfect addition to their recently refurbished space. And they know a thing or two about design and creating amazing living spaces!

The more installs we do, the more we realise how agile TileAcoustics are – they are perfect for wall and ceiling acoustic applications. Our unique pop-out design provides extra acoustic surface area too so offer market-leading acoustic performance.

It’s exciting times at TileAcoustics and AgileAcoustics, we love that we are literally shaping acoustics!

[Tile installed, Rectangle TileAcoustics, Reg. Design # 6021411]