Ceiling Grid Acoustics Conference Room 404

We were recently asked to improve the acoustics of a large conference room facility for a global financial business in London and this is what we came up with…


Wall space was limited due to large areas of curved glass windows, which meant the ceiling space was the best option - although the client didn’t want to lose the feeling of height in the room.

We discussed several options but it was decided that TileAcoustics Ceiling Tiles would give the best combination of acoustic performance (as they could be spread across the existing ceiling grid, around lights and sensors), allow for a quick install (the room is in demand) and be a cost-effective solution for the space.


Laurie and Tamas completed the install in under 4 hours using our quick-fix application system, and more importantly didn’t create any additional noise or dust whilst on site!

The client is very pleased with their new space and has already asked us to return to look at other challenging spaces – just what we like!

Please do ask if you would like any additional details with regards to this or any other of our acoustic installs.