tileacoustics tile range

We design and manufacture a growing range of acoustic Tiles, and can literally create any shape, size or colour that will complement both the acoustics and aesthetics of your spaces. We love bespoke projects too so just let us know if you want something unique or a Tile that’s more in-keeping with your brand.

Hex_Tile_Range_Artboard 1.png
Square_Tile_Range_Artboard 2.png
Rectangle_Tile_Range_Artboard 2 copy.png
Square_Diamond_Tile_Range_Artboard 2 copy 2.png
Quadrant_Tile_Range_Artboard 2 copy 3.png
Bespoke_Tile_Range_Artboard 2 copy 4.png
Other_01_Tile_Range_Artboard 2 copy 5.png
Other_02_Tile_Range_Artboard 2 copy 5_Artboard 2 copy 6.png