Noisy Office Solutions by AgileAcoustics & TileAcoustics

If you are looking for noisy office solutions, AgileAcoustics designs, manufactures and installs noise-absorbing acoustic panels for the office, workplace, hospitality and education sectors.

There are two main ‘noise’ problems in the workplace 1. Reverberation time 2. Sound leakage.

Reverberation time is the length of time it takes for the noise source to ‘drop’ after the noise has stopped generating sound. In the main, most spaces should have a reverberation time of between 1 and 1.5 seconds, however, the majority of spaces we look at is 2 seconds plus. And in a small meeting room or video conference space, this is too long and can make communication tricky and incoherent.

As a very rough test, try emitting a loud consistent sound in your space and guess how long it takes for the sound to decay. If it’s 2 seconds plus it would definitely benefit from some sound absorption panels or acoustic tiles.


Sound leakage is when noise/sound is leaking from one space into another e.g. between meeting rooms. Generally these problems are because of the construction of the rooms and typically absorber panels don’t solve this problem, although they may help to reduce it in some cases.

Reverberation Time - Noisy Office Solutions #1 by TileAcoustics
TileAcoustics Tiles are great sound absorbers. They can be quickly applied to walls or ceilings and come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colours. Check out for more info.

Reverberation Time - Noisy Office Solutions #2 by AgileAcoustics
AgileAcoustics make a range of wall, ceiling and freestanding acoustic panels. Panels can be bespoke printed with your artwork or wrapped in beautiful off-the-shelf acoustic fabrics. See for more info.

There are other noisy office solutions available on the market such as white noise systems, or installing carpets tiles over hard floor surfaces, but the majority of clients we work with don’t want this sort of solution. It’s why acoustic absorber panels are gaining in popularity, and when you consider cost, ease of installation and the bespoke print options available, they make an excellent solution for the noisy office.

Don’t worry you’re not alone, the majority of offices, restaurants, cafes and schools around the world have a noise problem - we’re on it!