Striking and Functional Acoustics for London’s Tozi Restaurant

The project:

How do you take a London restaurant from relatively poor acoustics to a space which is both striking and extremely functional? You invite our team in – that’s how!

That’s what London’s Tozi Restaurant did – and since we visited to work our magic on the venue, food critic Jay Rayner – who visited the eaterie in September this year and noted the poor acoustics – has caught on to that fact!


The challenge:

Having been a little let down by the acoustics on a previous visit, Jay Rayner wrote the review above in The Guardian. In November, the team here at TileAcoustics gave the acoustics an overhaul – and after hearing about our visit, this month (December 2018) he wrote this:

“In the summer I wrote positively about Tozi in London’s Victoria, though I did note the hard acoustics. A couple of months before I had written about a company called Tile Acoustics which was installing noise-reducing panels in restaurants. Tozi has now employed Tile Acoustics to deal with their sound issues. I love it when two stories come together.”

Tozi wanted the best-in-class acoustics for its restaurant space – and our team gladly obliged.

The outcome:

Retaining the ceiling height by fixing acoustic Tiles directly onto it, our TileAcoustics team ensured a job well done for the client. Other companies suggested hanging circular acoustic panels, but we thought they would take the focus away from the look and feel of the space and make it too corporate.

Jay Rayner said the restaurant ‘exceeds all your expectations’ in his original review. He’d complained about the room being ‘echoey’, though, but is pleased to hear this is no longer the case.

Our founder, Stuart, is thrilled with the outcome of the install, saying: “We’re delighted that such a significant project – our first London Restaurant – went so well. We can’t wait to try out the space for ourselves with a meal or two at Tozi Restaurant and we hope the diners of London continue to enjoy the venue for its new and improved atmosphere.”

Stefano the GM is very pleased with the results too and has extended a warm welcome to anyone that would like to see (and hear!) the space for themselves.

Looking to transform the acoustics in your space, too? Get in touch with our team to chat about a bespoke acoustic Tile options for your business or Restaurant.